Patti Weber (patti) wrote,
Patti Weber

Long Ass Weekend...

Rules of who not to take on a roadtrip..
1) Don't take someone who isn't fun
2) Don't take someone you feel sorry for because they have no friends, there is a reason that no one wants to hang with them
3) Don't take someone who can't handle their liquor
4) Don't take someone who is desperate and going to try and "Boink" everything and anything in sight.
5) Don't take someone who has no money, chances are you are going to be paying for them.

There are probably more, but I don't feel like going on. Basically I went down to San Antonio this weekend to have fun with friends. It ended sucking because I had to baby-sit and I felt bad because we were crashing at my close friends place. Good thing is that I did get to spend some time with my friend Hetrick. He has braces and it's funny. That's it for now.
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